Poisoned Apples

I live in the light but hunt in the darkness.

For the past decade I have wandered into the land of horror and found inspiration for my art. I find beauty in the broken, the tossed away and found objects and have fused my love of the horror genre, animation and photography into my own menagerie of weird and unique creations.

I know some people may not like what I pull out of the creative attic and find it too macabre but I also know there are many who share my love for the odd, the creepy and dark fairy tales. And, I hope, through my art, I can be your Alice and lead you not only down the rabbit hole to Wonderland but also into Pan’s Labyrinth, Steampunk and even the lair of the Kraken.

Of course, one might wonder how I tapped into my dark side.

It began with dolls. I loved them. I also loved Disney villains, cemeteries, and the old classic monster films such as Frankenstein and The Wolfman and shows such as The Munsters and Addams Family. I was also inspired by the work of Vincent Price, Tim Burton and illustrators such as Giger.

That inspiration showed up early in my artwork. In school, my butterflies were always black, my people always a bit creepy but they always had a heart. In other words, I was 75% Malificent and 25% Snow White -- creepy with a dash of a fairy tale happy endings.

While pursuing my passions I studied film at Webster University, 3-D animation at STLCC and taught photography where I was able to dive in and hopefully inspire other kids with my love of the art as well as my love for stop motion animation.

I have worked as an animator on remake of George A, Romero’s ‘Night of Living Dead’. I animated for Fearwerx Toys and have also designed sets for Anne Rice and The St. Louis Ballet.

Everything I have done in the past has led me to my current work.

I hope I’m able to open the door to new worlds of darkness, beauty and imagination through my art. If not, I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my cabinet or curiosities I call The Poisoned Apples.

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